Below are the testimonials from a few of the businesses that I have worked with/for. It is not uncommon for other SEO agencies to consult with me and either pay me to coach them, or just outsource their work to me.

Jason is, hands down, one of the best SEO’s that I have had the pleasure of working with. It’s actually funny how many people I have worked with in the past that guarantee results with “their” SEO program and end up not getting any results. Jason guarantees his results and gets them. Whatever he does, his sites rank, and the rankings stick – something that other huge agencies have a hard time with doing. Highly recommended.


Angela Langlotz, Chief Marketing Maven at Serra Media LLC

Out of all of the SEO experts that I associate with, almost all of them focus 100% on theory and what they “think” it takes to rank websites in Google. On one hand this is all find and well because it gets our creative juices flowing, but at the end of the day, it is just theory and theory isn’t proven.  In working with Jason for the last 8 months, I have learned his process well: he takes his own theories, puts them into practice on his own time and money, and then takes his findings that were successful and uses them on his clients’ campaigns, which results in amazing rankings


Armando Saenz, Founder at Saenz Digital

Jason is a powerhouse when it comes to ranking websites. Anytime Google decides to change their algorithm which makes SEO more and more difficult, Jason is always on the forefront of knowing what they (Google) did and is able to counter their move and continue to push websites up the in the ranks. Jason is a SEO expert and can confidently say that seeing the results he gets proves it. Any company that has the opportunity to work with Jason will be glad they did.


Kotton Grammar, Nationally Recognized SEO Expert at Resilient-Solution

Jason, with Northern Ranks, is the epitome of “guru.” Not in the slimy used car salesman aspect of the word, but rather the actual meaning – an influential teacher and expert. When we consulted with Jason about what is going on in the search engines, he gave us more information than we ever thought we needed. The thing is – he gave us tips and tricks to help our own business out that we had never even heard of. Once we implemented his teachings, the results that we started getting were instantaneous.


Crystal Wells, Founder at Sock Monkey Marketing