Simple Tips to Help Your Conversions

How to Convert Site Visitors to Customers

The first thing that you need to know when dealing with visitors is that they are on your website to figure out why they are there. This might sound silly at first, but keep reading so you understand what I am talking about.

A lot of the companies that I have worked with in the past have had decent looking websites, but they all come to me with one major problem – they can’t get many visitors that land on their site to give them money (or pay for their service). ┬áThe first thing I like to look at is the theme of the site – what is the site doing that funnels a visitor into a paying client.

Traditionally, a website has been used as another form of advertisement – a way to tell potential customers where you are located and how to get a hold of you. However, with the evolution of the internet, social media, and other web 2.0 types of sites, it is simple for a potential customer to get that simple information.

The real gold in the visitors is having them realize that they need your service. This is where the whole “figuring out why they (the visitor) is on your site” comes into play.

Lets look at one of the most popular websites on the internet – WebMD. This is a site where people go to self diagnose their issues. However, WebMD doesn’t just have some drop down menus for people to aimlessly use on their site, they actually have the visitors go through a process of clicking on the body to try and diagnose what their problem is.

This is called “active engagement” – the site is having the visitors actively working while they are on the sites. This is completely different than a lot of traditional informational websites.

If you look at my website, there is actually a page I have set up for potential customers to fill out their information on – it is the same concept. Rather than me busting my butt trying to hustle and get a potential client to work for, I start by having the potential client work for me – this immediately gives me the power to either accept or deny their business. This in turn makes them want me more.

This same concept can be used on any service website, whether you are a chiropractor or home improvement business – if you can get your customer engaged and answering questions on your website as a “screener” they have made the first move and they are already invested in your business – making it that much easier to close a deal.

So remember – it isn’t always about YOU and your business and accolades – it is about making your customers realize that they NEED you and your service.


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