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My name is Jason Gilbert and I have been in the business of search engine optimization for the last 4 years. I currently live in Battle Creek, MI but I have worked with clients in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, Lansing, and Grand Rapids MI. I have also worked with some clients outside of Michigan – such as a lawyer in St. Louis and some contractors in Atlanta, GA and Chicago IL.

As one of the top Kalamzoo SEO agents, I get most of my clients from referrals and word of mouth, however, I do harness the power of Google and have “seo’d” this site also. There might be a chance that you found this website from searching for things like Kalamazoo seo or Lansing seo.

I take a unique approach as an independent agent in that I do not outsource anything. All of the work that I do would be considered in-house. A lot of the other SEO agencies in Michigan will have a lot of overhead costs associated with doing business – such as the rent for the space where they operate, bills that need to be paid, employees, salesmen, and all of the work that they outsource to foreign countries.

Why is Kalamazoo SEO important?

I get this question a lot when I am meeting with potential clients, and my number one answer is always an analogy. If you watched the video above, then you will have already heard this, so you can skip this section of my site. So, there are a lot of businesses in Kalamazoo and Portage, and many of them have competition. One of the most common ways to compete is to outspend your competitors in advertising. What are some of the normal ways to advertise?

  1. TV commercials
  2. Yellow Pages/Yellow Book
  3. Newspaper Ads
  4. Billboards on busy streets

So, I am sure these things came to mind when I first asked that question about advertising. I like to call these forms of advertising “blanket ads” or “brand ads.”  What I mean by this is that these types of ads are great to build your brand, but really they are not targeted to the specific people who need their problem solved immediately.

Imagine if you are sitting on your couch, watching your favorite program, and an ad for replacement windows comes up. You think to yourself “I am sure I will need new windows in about 2 or 3 years – maybe I will go with that company.”  The problem here is that you don’t need their service now, but you are at least thinking about their brand.

Search Engine Optimization Battle CreekNow in a similar scenario – lets say it is winter and you realize that you feel a heavy draft coming through your windows even though they are closed. Are you going to sit down to watch TV and WAIT for a commercial to come on about window replacements? No. You are going to solve your problem as soon as you can – which probably means going to Google and typing something like “window replacement Battle Creek” into the search bar. You are then going to look at the top 5-10 results and start to think about who you are going to have do your new windows.

In this situation – you are a hot, laser targeted, ready to buy lead. This is where Battle Creek SEO will come in handy for the businesses listed on the first page of Google. The flat out truth is that when buyers need to have a problem solved – whether that is new windows, a chiropractor, a dentist, plastic surgeon, physical therapy, or any service or product on this planet, they are going to go to Google, Bing, or Yahoo and type that in. They are not going to Yellow Pages, the television, or drive around searching for billboards.

This is why having an SEO agent take a close look at the competition, your website, and social signals surrounding your business will help you increase revenue each and every month.


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